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Company profile


Bosnor S.L. was founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of the Spanish Chemical Group XBFR. After extensive experience in the handling of natural and coloured quartz for the Spanish flooring industry, Bosnor started in 2003 with the development of high quality floor coverings, based on specially selected quartz sands.

During 2004, Bosnor created ConduStone, a globally unique and highly innovative conductive tile with unlimited decorative possibilities for acces flooring or regular office flooring. Its conductive properties allow ConduStone to eliminate the excess of electrostatic charges which occur in both modern and older office buildings, offering a safe and healthy working floor to our customers.

Bosnor is a 100% privately owned company with its production process and technology fully developed and managed in-house. Bosnor products are produced in Spain, at two production plants located in Canyelles (Barcelona) and Les Borges Blanques (Lérida).

All our products, especially ConduStone, are the result of our strong commitment to offer architects, consultants, constructors and end users a healthy as well as highly decorative and innovative covering to give an exclusive touch to office floorings and office space.


ConduStone, solution to electrostatic problems
The characteristics of modern buildings together with the materials used in furnishing and equipment propitiate the generation and accumulation of static electricity.
Customized design options
The materials that make up ConduStone can provide a conductive floor with unlimited possibilities of design, colour and finishes.
New developments for high requirements
Our development department is working to extend ConduStone Technical Floor product range in order to cover any possible flooring requirement.
Calle Els Cirers, 8 - 08811
Canyelles - Barcelona - España

Tel.: +34 93 818 88 26
Fax: +34 93 897 35 00

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