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Static electricity
causes illness,
the solution is

The characteristics of modern buildings together with the materials used in furnishing and equipment propitiate the generation and accumulation of static electricity.

During our everyday activities, our body accumulates static electricity by friction with clothes or with the flooring. This accumulation and the subsequent sudden discharge are factors involved in disorders such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, migraine and even semicircular lipoatrophy.

Several elements found in modern office buildings, such as the existing low humidity levels due to air conditioning, the large amount of electronic equipments, the extended use of synthetic textiles and materials and the crowded working areas, intensify the build up of static electricity.

The glass facades, which are becoming more and more popular in today's architecture, cause a heating up of the interior of buildings, thus leading to a higher use of air conditioning and a lower humidity levels and making the static electricity problems even worse.

The solution is

Choosing the right flooring is essential to avoid these problems as people and furniture are standing permanently on it. A good conductive flooring could guarantee that people and office furniture as desks and chairs dissipate the electrostatic charges and could avoid the unsafe electrostatic discharges to happen.

We, at Bosnor, are well aware of this situation and have dedicated research efforts into the development of ConduStone. ConduStone is a stone flooring tile showing high level mechanical and aesthetical properties and including a patented system to avoid the accumulation of electrostatic charges. This feature allows people to be progressively discharged and keep statics within a safety range.

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ConduStone antistatic flooring avoid the accumulation of static electricity, thus ensuring a healthier workplace

Each 600 x 600 mm ConduStone tile is provided with 36 micro-conductors which are linked together by a conductive ink serigraphy on the under side of the tile. The under side is connected to the metallic structure, in case of raised floors, or to copper stripes, in case of direct floors. This allows electrostatic charges to be conducted from people and furniture standing on the floor through the tiles to the buiding earth connection.


Top and under side of a conductive ConduStone tile

Each ConduStone tile has a conductive point every 10 cm, meaning that when walking on it a person will make contact at least with one of the conductive points, thus ensuring the dissipation of the statics to the earth connection. ConduStone flooring then protects workers against the excess of electrostatic charges, thus ensuring a healthier workplace.

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Low angle view of a ConduStone flooring

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